ERP solutions for public services

Improve accountability & transparency

Increased visibility of drilled-down department level spending.

Secure your data

Provide information transparency without risking the safety of your data with options for public, private or on premise hosting.

Replace outdated legacy systems

Bin those legacy systems and replace with a future-proof Business World ERP solution.

Cut the burden on your budget

All the features & capabilities of a full ERP solution with a much lower cost of ownership than our competitors.

Agilyx and our ERP solution could be the right fit for your public services organisation if you experience:

  • Organisational changes and restructures
  • Accountability for information that is in the public domain
  • Changing tax reporting rules
  • Regular changes in processes, reporting, people & organisation
  • Budget cuts and changes



Proven, class-leading cloud credentials delivered – ISO27001

As a cloud-first company we appreciate that data security, compliance and the management of your ERP cloud deployment matters most to you. Agilyx is an ISO27001 accredited organisation, which means you can rely on our services to meet and exceed security standards for data management in a cloud environment.  ISO27001 is the highest global standard available for information security management systems today.





Agilyx has a comprehensive information security management system which allows our customers the freedom to grow, innovate and broaden their operations securely in the knowledge that their information assets are managed securely by the Agilyx team.

Designed with public services in mind

Financial accountability

We appreciate the need for public service organisations to be transparent and accountable with their finances as well as empower your employees to make effective, informed decisions about spending. We advise and implement Business World to meet your reporting requirements so that you can track grant expenditure in real time, ensure reports are in a relevant and useful format and ensure data integrity.

Empowering you to be change ready

Public services organisations can take ownership and control of their own ERP solution to make changes without the need for a lot of time or costly consultation. As part of our implementation process, we train your staff to be in the driving seat.

One tool, all the reports you need

With Business World ERP solution, you will benefit from real-time insight tools across all departments and projects. You can easily gain access with automated or ad-hoc reports to single source data that gives an accurate reflection of your financial performance.

Change Ready

Today’s organisations need to continually adapt to structural “disturbance”, whether it is caused by a re-organisation, merger, acquisition or a new line of business. The costs to adapt financial systems are material and strategically significant. What sets the Unit4 Business World solution apart is its continued agility and flexibility that lets you adjust it yourself to embrace change – long after initial implementation.

Business World – Public sector

“It’s been a real case study in terms of how successful we can be working with a vendor. The teams worked so closely together that people outside the project couldn’t figure out who was a NZ Post team member and who was an Agilyx team member – a real testament to how the cultures of the two organisations came together and collaborated.” 

– Mark Yeoman, CFO, NZ Post

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‘‘We have been very pleased by the uptake of the services so far and hope that we will come to be seen as a benchmark for other public sector organisations setting up shared services in the cloud,’’

– Ian Coxon, Head of Transactional Services, Xentrall

“With Unit4 Business World we benefit from having a powerful system which ensures we have up to date financial and business performance information at our finger tips. We can use this information to see where we can become more efficient as we look at ways to save money, while maintaining the service standards and levels expected of us.”

– Dave Bell, Director of Finance and Facilities, NPSA

“We chose the Unit4 Local Government ERP platform to replace Oracle because it had the best fit for our procurement criteria.”

– Transformation Programme Delivery Manager, Coventry City Council

Our ERP solution modules

Business World enables you to manage your entire organisation in a single, integrated cloud ERP suite.