Transition from being reactive to proactive with your Business World System Administration

  • Are you forced into a reactive mode when a red flag shows up?
  • Do all of your major issues happen when your Administrator is off the grid?
  • Would you like to expand your resources/capabilities without adding headcount?


Agilyx Managed Services allows you to:

  • Increase your capacity to prioritise & address issues and requests
  • Address glitches before they become major problems
  • Predict your expenditures


Business World experts

With our dedicated team of Unit4 Business World experts, Agilyx will relieve you of the risk and time required in using only internal resources to manage your Unit4 Business World application and environment. Our ISO 27001 certified team with 250+ years of experience with Agresso/Unit4 Business World is highly experienced in keeping your system running as smoothly as possible.

Our offerings

Extended Support

Ask ‘How do I do ___?’ about workflow support, basic system administration or Adhoc user training.

System Administration

Get help with configuration changes, non-technical aspects, data control, workflow and flexifields.


Receive all of the advisory help you need from management consulting to senior/client collaboration.

Technical and Reporting

Get all of your Unit4 Business World technical needs taken care of such as AG16, balance tables, data archiving and services.

Database and Network Infrastructure

No longer worry about database space, maintenance plans, script development or alert creation/management.


Agilyx offers four packages with varied levels of support, beginning from our basic offering of extended support to our premium Platinum Package relieving customers of comprehensive Business World management and support. Our dedicated team will sit down with you for a free of charge consultation to assess your needs and the level of support needed. If your requirements don’t fall under our four packages, we will create a customised package just for you.


Proven Experience

“We were struggling to manage UBW and HCSS internally when we found out about Managed Services from Agilyx. It was just the support relief we needed. The superb professional service Agilyx maintains for us continues to be a valuable investment.”

Billy Perskaas, Information Systems Manager from RES