Delivering true solution ownership

Unit4 enterprise applications are important investments for your organisation. Our goal is to help each customer to achieve sustained maximum value from that investment – as quickly and easily as possible.

The Agilyx Implementation Methodology is a proven, structured approach based on many years’ experience of achieving successful projects  that satisfy customer requirements, on time and on budget, leaving each customer with the ability and knowledge to keep adapting their system in the future…without costly external consultants.

  • Delivering the solution you need – the Agilyx methodology doesn’t just respond to a rigid snapshot of your initial requirements. We work with your team to keep refining your system design  during implementation.
  • Embracing future change – our approach is designed to recognise and cope with changing requirements during and after the implementation.
  • Putting you in control – Agilyx delivers the solution you need at go-live and provides your team the knowledge to continually re-configure your system, to respond to evolving business requirements.

Key phases

Agilyx gets your solution up and running by applying a consistent implementation methodology that has been proven across thousands of customers worldwide:

  • Plan the project
  • Create the solution Design
  • Build the solution
  • Carry out Testing
  • Deploy the solution
  • Close the project
  • Provide ongoing Support

This is a simple, clear, step-by-step process –  based on the principles of knowledge transfer  and repeated rounds of refinement – supported by strong project management controls to ensure efficiency, consistency and successful delivery. It includes a detailed review at the end of each key step to agree whether all is complete and ready for the project to move on.

What do we deliver?

A tested and proven model

Our methodology is agile and receptive to change, yet still a robust, rigorous process with the necessary gateway reviews and controls in place to keep projects on track. It is proven and reliable, delivering thousands of successful implementations worldwide.

The knowledge transfer approach

Unit4 solutions are designed for people-centered organisations facing constant change. This demands an implementation process to match. Our methodology is unique in that it provides each customer’s teams the understanding and ability to drive and participate in each stage, rather than just respond to our suggestions as the vendor. The knowledge transfer approach is an organic  process, allowing for adjustments to be identified and made as circumstances change.


Reduced project risk

Each customer participates fully in the definition and design stages for its Unit4 solution. This greatly reduces project risk. The close collaboration between the Unit4 and customer teams means that problems are more easily identified and solved before they can impact project timelines and budgets.


A problem-free go-live

One thing is missing when Unit4 solutions go live: panic! Most vendors don’t hand over the solution until it is live – this can lead to unexpected problems and shortcomings and understandable anxiety on go-live day. Agilyx’s approach is different – customers are fully versed in every aspect of their system and receive the training and guidance necessary to run the go-live themselves, with the full support of our professionals. No surprises, no crises; go-live is just another day.


A lower total cost of change

Unit4 solutions are designed with post-implementation change in mind, and the depth of knowledge transfer ensures that your team can take full ownership of the system to make ongoing system changes themselves. This makes you less dependent on us and reduces your reliance on scarce or costly IT resources – saving your organisation money far beyond the initial “total cost of ownership”, by delivering an unbeatable “total cost of change”.